Discover top cosmetics perfect just for you at Ultra Beauty Supply and Salon with makeup brands like Youngblood, NYX, Palladio and Styli-Style.

  • Natural pigments, rather than petroleum dyes, that are high performance, water resistant & non comedogenic.

  • NYX with it's ultramodern packaging and trendy colors are a must have among shoppers.

  • Vered offers a line of cosmetics that contains aromatherapy essential oils and moisturizers.

  • Styli-Style - Semi-permanent waterproof / smudgeproof formulation that lasts up to 24 hours on eyes and 12 hours on lips.

  • Palladio offers a full line of cosmetics that are enriched with vitamins.

  • Natural, all-day wearing, protective mineral makeup that encourage your skin to breath and your beauty to shine through.